i held a seance and found out that even the devil has nullified his contract with the former president. That's one soul even he doesn't want.

Trump really is stuck in purgatory.

Talk about a lame (Donald) duck

"The problem is that tiny houses are the only option left anymore for a lot of us."

That's precisely the point. By "a lot of us" you mean the poor, which is EXACTLY why most municipalities in this great country of ours don't allow them.


What bugs me about tiny houses is that they are NOT a category of housing options, they are a form of photographic art, like floral arranging, nothing more.

Unwrap it, frame it in some dreamscape or uber-manicured garden, compose and photoshop your little tableau, then write up a contrary caption about LIVING inside the photograph, like the smiling faces in an ad for Maxwell House.

mike wax

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